Thursday, October 10, 2013

Eugene, Cascades & Coast GeoTour Expands to Oakridge/Westfir

Eugene, Cascades & Coast GeoTour Expands to Oakridge/Westfir

Oakridge, Ore. - Travel Lane County will launch the third leg of the Eugene, Cascades & Coast GeoTour this month. Just 20 minutes from Eugene, the Oakridge/Westfir Edition follows Highway 58 from the pastoral views of Pleasant Hill to the wildlife and nature-rich trails of the Central Cascade Mountains.
Starting October 26, 2013, adventurers will be able to use their GPS or smartphone to guide them to the 36 most scenic and historic trails, waterfalls, coves and campgrounds between Willamette Pass and Elijah Bristow State Park. Visiting 24 caches earns them a locally-made and trackable geocoin. Participants collect the coin by visiting the Eugene, Cascades & Coast Adventure Center. If they are unable to come in, they should e-mail or call (541) 743-5307 between 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
TOURISM - Salt Creek FallsThe public and press are invited to join Travel Lane County and geocaching experts at the official launch event.
Saturday, 9 - 11 a.m.
Brewers Union Local 180, a family-friendly restaurant
48329 E 1st St
Oakridge, OR 97463
During the kickoff, the trackable geocoin will be displayed and interested geocachers can pick up an official Eugene, Cascades & Coast GeoTour - Oakridge/Westfir Edition passport. The passport may also be accessed online after the kickoff. For more information, contact Travel Lane County at (541) 484-5307 or visit
The Oakridge/Westfir Edition is the third installment of the Eugene, Cascades & Coast GeoTour, a partnership with In October 2012, Travel Lane County launched the McKenzie River Edition, Oregon’s first official GeoTour and-at the time- one of only 11 worldwide. The Florence Edition launched in March 2013. In the first 10 months, more than 680 unique cachers logged their found caches on the GeoTour. This equals more than 2,000 participants based on’s formula for estimating number of participants. A fourth edition will launch in spring 2014.
About Geocaching:
In 2000, the U.S. government removed barriers to global positioning system signals, making it possible for civilians to track locations precisely. Within 24 hours, the first GPS stash, now called a geocache, was hidden in Beavercreek, Oregon by Dave Ulmer. He posted the cache's coordinates online with the instructions to "get some stuff, leave some stuff!!" and within three days, several people tracked it down, did just that, and shared their experience online. The game began.

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