Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sweet or Sour?

There is a small town just north of Lane County (about a mile) called Monroe. There you will find Broadley Vineyards, Sweet  Earth Vineyards, Tebri Vineyards, and near by, Benton Lane Winery. All of these wineries deserve a visit, and there are lots more things to see in the area such as Diamond Woods Golf Course. There is also a new and surprising business venture in the small town that is also making a mark,  Hard Times Distillery, home of  Sweet Baby Moonshine, Green Geisha Vodka (flavored with real Wasabi), and Blue Collar Vodka .
 So far my favorite is Sweet Baby. It is smooth, slightly sweet, and eminently sip-able. Made with sour mash, it is far from sour! Last night we tried a blended drink with watermelon, ice, 2 oz Sweet Baby, and a dash of bitters. Perfect!
So, next time you are out scouting for good wines around Monroe, stop in the center of town and take the tour.

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