Monday, August 19, 2013

New Winery Found in Carlton Park

Last weekend Linda and I spent a wonderful couple of days with Rebecca Shouldis (Ghost Hill Cellars) and Thibaud Mandet (Willakenzie Estate) at  their house in the Eola Hills. For dinner Saturday evening we headed over the hill west to Amity and to the Blue Goat. Located right in the center of town, it serves locals as well as informed visitors like us.
The food was great as was the service. We opened a bottle of Brooks' Janus Pinot Noir and let it wake up while we chatted and had Blue cheese stuffed figs that were huge and sweet!
 Linda, being a vegetarian, was well pleased by the fare and I, meat eater, was also very happy and the Janus Pinot went perfectly with both our meals.. Now they will be a must stop place on the way north on 99.
We finished the evening talking about the influx of big wine in Oregon and how it will effect workers, harvest, and capacity. We did this over a bottle of 2008 Willakenzie Tarra Base
 This is a beautifuly complex wine and as we sipped it changed from one wine to another over the course of 30 minutes. We were good though and did not open another, but we did have a smidgen of Rémy Martin V.S.O.P.
In the morning we went to Carlton and had an amazing breakfast at the new food cart Henry's Diner next door to Scott Paul. Everything else was closed but they were hard at it and had to close the window to play catch up three times while we were there. I had Carlton Farms sausage and blueberry pancakes with farm fresh eggs and ate ALL of it!
 Carlton's Walk in the Park is just that. A nice benefit for the community and a chance to see friends. we were early arrivers and spent a lot of time looking at the old cars ( Linda's favorite was the 24 Ford Wagon). We saw LOTS of old T-Birds Seven of Hearts and tasted his VERY Special Reserve from the stunning '11 harvest. ( we will be buying some of that when released). Next, a visit WildeAire Cellars for a taste of the Pinot. They make an exceptional wine and the 2011 Timothy Pinot Noir and the Shea Vineyard Pinot Noir are tow of the best.
.In the wine tent we stopped a chatted with Byron of
Last stop, and a real surprise, was Angela Estate.
With the help of Jessica Endsworth we tasted the '07, '09, and '10 and though I think the '07 was one of the best, the '09 carried a truer taste complexity that represented the soil and fruit. Wonderful wine and very nice people. I expect good things from them .Look them up when next in Carlton.
Last stop of the day was the Annual Ghost Hill BBQ. We have been members for years and Linda got to drive her first tractor there! Salmon, salads, and great wines, including the Pinot Noir Blanc that got Rebecca in to Forbes Magazine and many other publications.
We had a scavenger hunt and I came away with a '09 Reserve Pinot Noir and a big smile.
No better way to spend a short weekend in Wine country.

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