Friday, March 11, 2011

Quick Update

I went to the Travel Lane County Adventure Center Tuesday night and tasted High Pass' '09 Pinot Noir and the rest of their wines, including a wonderful '09 Sauvignon Blanc. The Pinot has a really unusual nose and it took me a while to nail it: BACON! Just a hint, but really smokey and meaty. The taste is mellow and rich with good tannins and acid balance and has a very pleasant finish. This one will be very good in a couple of years. They gave us a bottle of the Pinot Noir for the auction, the first '09 Pinot Noir we have revived.
Yesterday a ran up to Noble to take a picture for the collection of etchings I am making of all the Lane County Wineries and had an chance to taste one of the best '09's yet and though  I have not tasted very many, I am betting on this one. Free run from new vines that were under a lot of stress. Mild, soft and wonderful! We were tasting it cold and it still showed great character and balance. No vegital aftertaste, just velvet on the tongue. Can't wait to taste it again today at Sip!

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