Saturday, December 18, 2010

Quick Trip for Tasting and Art

Pfeiffer Vineyards was my destination as I drove my new Subaru out on the country roads of Lane County and along Terroirtoial Road. Past Alpacas and roadside attractions and then to the winery. I came bearing paperwork asking for "one Bottle" for the June event for OMP but the boss was not around.
Not wanting to waste a trip, a wine tasting was in order so I choose the  whites. I am intimately involved with most of Pfeiffer's wonderful reds but less tuned in to the whites.
Imagine pulling a coconut cream pie out of the oven, one with a buttery crust. Now close your eyes and breath that wonderful smell in. THAT is the smell of the Viognier! The taste is bright and pleasing with a hint of lime and  a mouthwatering finish. I highly recommend this wine for a stand alone or with lighter fair such as  salads, and fruit.
The Chardonnay was equally pleasing, with a clean, un-oaked flavor of fruits and spices. There is little left of this one so get it while you can.
I took a few pictures for my etching project, one etching of an iconic tree in or near the vineyard of all the Lane County Wineries.
I drove out past the ponds, sheep, and alpacas, past the Grange Hall, and back to Terrirtorial then left toward Monroe. One of my favorite golf courses, Diamond Woods, stretches out along the left and you can see the Inn at Diamond Woods up on the hill overlooking a few brave souls out swinging their clubs. Benton Lane sits almost atop the border between the two counties, hence the name. Their wines are consistently good to great. Their '04 Pinot noir was rated in the top 100 wines in the world, as was their '06 Pinot Gris!
The last club release was a three bottle Pinot noir pack of '07, '08, and '09. I am so pleased that the '07 is now being respected . When they first bottled it the wine was weak, flutey, and had little backbone, now it has evolved into a Burgundian red with lush mouthfeel,  complex mid pallet flavors, and a long complex finish. It is elegant and ready to drink now but I am keeping a few bottle rack for a few years to see what happens.
The '08 is perfect now but it will be even better by next year and the '09 is even better as far as I can tell.  It is worth the drive to visit this winery for so many reasons, among them are the wines, the views, and the people. Lots of fun for all the senses.
I took a picture of the big oaks that stand guard at the entrance to the vineyard and will create their etching from it.

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