Friday, December 31, 2010

My good friend Jerry at Winopolis passed this along and I thought I would share:
Wine knowledge around here is going bite-size and easy to digest. I know, I know, what is he going on about now? You see, in the past wine classes have usually meant committing to two hour classes for two or more weeks in a row. It doesn't take a genius to figure that this format won't work for very many people, a good portion of the time. Well, we aren't geniuses here at WINEOPOLIS, which explains why we had to cancel many of these things for lack of participation. It wasn't that no one was interested, just not enough, often enough. The classes definitely weren't bite size.

Of course, we always have our Saturday tastings, usually two or three wines in an affordable price range of eight to twelve dollars or so. If you are persistent, this can be highly valuable in building up your repertoire of everyday, affordable wines.

But what about something in between these two extremes? The wine dinners don't really qualify as bite size either at two hours long. They don't occur often enough either. So what does qualify as bite sized?

How about 45 minutes to an hour of focused tasting and enough information to qualify as a streamlined wine class? That's exactly what we're planning to do, with the cooperation of our next door neighbors at the Belle Vallee tasting room. We will start out at every two weeks or so, but the frequency could pick up if there is enough interest.

So without further ado, announcing...

Wednesday, 01/12/11, 6:00 p.m. at the Belle Vallee tasting room, right next door to WINEOPOLIS, on First Street.

Wine & Chocolate - A Good Match? - $15 per person

Here's Rick's description.

"Pop by for a tasting of four wines with three kinds of chocolate, and learn how to pair your (well, OURS certainly) two favorite foods together. Dry wine seems a counter-intuitive pairing with chocolate but, amazingly, it CAN work well. The type of chocolate and, of course, the particular wine make all the difference. Taste for yourself, they work together. And we will, of course, have at least one sweet wine, too!"

Thank you Rick. Now, back to the wine caves, and easy on the chocolate!

The sign up sheet for Wine & Chocolate will be at WINEOPOLIS. All sign-ups require pre payment. Full refunds available up to two weeks in advance of an event, 50% refund until the night of the event if we're notified in advance, sorry, no refunds available without notification or on the day of the event.

So, come on down, it will be good to see you.

P.S. I believe this is the last day to vote for your favorites at the Alchemist best of the Corvallis area awards. Disclaimer; there is a section for where you buy your wine. Ahem.
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