Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oregon wins! Boise Loses!!!

Could not happen to a nicer bunch of guys, I am talking about Boise State of coures. Hubris does it again.
We drank a bottle of LaVelle 2009 Chardonnay sourced from the Columbia Valley. Great tasting with a little, and I do mean a little oak, kind of like a really dry martinee when you just wave the Vermouth over the shaaker.
It retains a nice crisp feel and slightly chill, was a perfect foil for our white cheeses and apples. We will drink this one again.
Latter we opened a bottle of Giradet Baco Noir '06 Reserve. Linda was less than impressed but she likes her wines a little more easy to deal with. I like a chalenge so this one waas mine.Lots of plum and black fruit with a little bite. Very strong prune after taste.
Great with roasted meats and fall vegetables.
Go Ducks!

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