Friday, February 19, 2010

Quick Trip for Some Tastes

Today I took the short trip from Eugene out to Silvan Ridge and Sweet Cheeks wineries to set up the limo tour that is one of our auction items. While I was there I decided to do some serious tastings. Here are the results: Jonathan Oberlander, the wine maker for Silvan Ridge, has done a great job on many of these wines but my favorites are the '07 Pinot Noir, the  the '07 Pinot Noir, the Semi-dry Riesling, and the '07 Pinot Gris.
'07 Dry Riesling; Great nose of citrus and pear with just a touch petrol, crisp mouth feel, taste of burnt sugar/ caramel, nice fruit notes with a touch of bright clean white fruit. I would serve this with the sun on my deck with a few pieces of apple and light cheese.
'07 Pinot Gris; canned peach and flowers on the nose with a very appealing mouthfeel. Notes of pear, wood, bits of grapefruit, and white grapes with a nice lasting finish of apple and cake.
'07 Pinot Noir; Earth and dark fruit, great balance of acids and tannins. Opens up on the tongue and changes softly from bright pomegranate to darker plum and berry overtones. Finish is long and pleasing with slight clove and wood. Great salmon, pork, meat pasta wine.
I also liked the '05 Elizabeth Reserve, this is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot and Syrah.  Black cherries,boysenberry, soft fruit compote, humus  and toasted oak with a long finish of dark fruit and tannins. This is an excellent house wine. Preferably my house...

Up the hill across the road from Hinman Vineyards/Silvan Ridge in Sweet Cheeks Winery. Perched on the hill that gives it its namesake. (You have to come and see for yourself:) it looks out over the valley and hills and on a day like this the view was glorious!
I hang artwork there for a couple of Eugene's finest; Anne Teigen and Barry Geller so I have many excuses to go and visit.
Today I was just about the wines. I tasted '08 Chardonnay; It was a little cold when I first got it but as it warmed up I began to smell apple, slight oak, and floral hints. In the mouth it opened to reveal orange blossom and pear, pectin and a little nutty flavor on the back of the tongue. Nice dry acid finish.
The '08 Semi-Sweet Riesling is a favorite of mine along with Silvan Ridge's Early Muscat with sushi and spicy dishes though it is sweeter than some might like with food. The taste is fresh apple, apricot, canned peach, and mock orange. Smooth mouthfeel with perfect balance of sugars and acid.
I am really impressed with the '07 Pinot Noir. It is aging very well and is getting more and more complex, with delicate feel and a one two punch of bright fruit and dark cherry balance by a little hint of candy and vanilla. Smooth mouthfeel with a long lasting aftertaste on the back of the tongue.
I plan on interviewing Mark Nicholl, the wine maker in the next couple of weeks before he heads off on a trip home.

I am looking forward to seeing Sasha and the crew at the Newport Wine and Cheese Festival next week-end!

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