Sunday, December 13, 2009

Last Night's Ghost Hill '07 Pinot noir

Many Oregon wines can take you by suprise. Linda and I had finished putting our house back in order after weeks of new floor turmoil when she sugested Mexican take out from our local favorite, Tio Pepe's.
I returned home armed with Carne Assada, chile rellano, enchilada, rice and beans. After thinking long and hard about what you drink with Mexican food when you don't have beer we decided to delve in to on of the cases we bought at the OMP auction in April.
Ghost Hill, who's winemaker, Rebecca, is a dear friend, came to the top of the list..(it was the first bottle I grabbed)
I pulled out the giant Pinot glasses and uncorked the '07 Pinot noir to let it relax a bit, then poured.
Rich, cane frouit with spices in the nose, then smooth dark cherry, wood, current, plum, and a little aftertaste of black cherries.
Great with the food and it stood up to the spices better than I would ever have thought!

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