Saturday, October 15, 2016

Organizing Wines

I long for the days when I would buy a bottle of wine, take it home, and drink it with dinner.
Those days are long, long gone. Now I trade art for wine, buy cases instead of bottles, and have magnums stacked in closets.
Organizing them and trying to remember where and why I got them has become a burden. 
Some of the tools I have used over the years are just not working so I am looking for new toys.
Last night I downloaded an app from Cellar Tracker and will see how that works. So far I have too many wines that they do not track so I have to take photos and send them in so they can load them.
Here is a pretty concise listing of the ones that Christopher Null put together on TechHive. Nice information and well written.
Well, the search may be over! I just downloaded VinCellar and have been very pleased. Easy to follow, good list, and if your wine is not one the list you can enter it manually. Free!
It interacts with FB and Twitter also and there are reviews of a lot of the wines.
Feedback on what you use will be posted with this article.
Well, we have found a winner! I love this VinCellar app! I spent the afternoon loading my wines in to the data base and found out that it pulls reviews from other sources, adds ratings, and it tells you "drink by" dates!

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