Friday, October 2, 2015

Autumn Air and Wine to Spare

    Scarves, fall coats, fire side chats, cool crisp evening air, steamy hot out of the oven French bread, the warming sensation of a rich voluptuous red wine paired with the world's most decadent cheeses, cozy couches and blankets, great music, good friends, a big white fluffy dog. If one of these words or phrases struck a note with you join us this fall as we embrace the shift in weather and look inward for inspiration and guidance.  
    This week, we're welcoming the Don Latarski Duo to the Sarver stage for the first time. Guitar virtuoso, Latarski has been playing the Eugene scene for well over a decade, as well as being a major contributor the U of O school of music. His unique guitar stylings range from classical jazz, to funk and everything in between. Don and bassist Mark will be performing from 5:30- 8:30 this evening. 

    The harvest is all but finished and the wines are well on their way to fruition, and despite the challenges each year brings we are so thankful for all the hard work and tremendous effort put forth to help us bring another great vintage to Sarver. Hector and Angela, our vineyard attendants, take care of the vines daily and are the greatest contributors to the spectacular fruit we produce. Chris Sarver and his brother Pat have worked tirelessly to prepare our new winery for its inaugural vintage, and with the help and experience of a Kiwi, David Hook, we have high hopes for maybe the most expressive vintage yet.

    See you all on the hill, Cheers!

-The Sarver Crew

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