Monday, October 13, 2014

Got any Barrels?

This year will go down in the history books as the year when we ran out of things to put wine in. My friends at Ghost Hill harvested one Saturday expecting 4 tons and brought in 6 and the nest week brought in 9 instead of the 7 they thought was coming. The grapes were perfect and sorting basically involved pick out the occasional leaf.
It seems that is the story for most of Oregon though I have yet to check in with the growers in the south.
There is some worry about acid levels but that is easily fixable. The only losers this year were the birds.
Down here in the southern Willamette Valley picking was going on all weekend and King Estate will finish today. The grapes look healthy and I think this will be a wonderful year for wines.
The barrel situation will be interesting. New barrels, used barrels, American and French oak, steel vats, anything that will hold and age wine will be put to use. The use of barrels these last few years has increased due to the distillery industry and the breweries coming on strong.
 The glut of product may not effect the price of great wines but I bet we will see some really good wines selling for great price


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