Sunday, July 14, 2013

Wine Tasting on the 5th of July

We went to Art in the Vineyard on the 5th of July, a day when a lot of people had to work. There were fewer folks at the venues and no lines for wine tasting so guess where I ended up.
After a quick visit to Territorial  and some reminiscing about the coldest wine event in the history of Oregon and a sip of their delicious Riesling, I moved on. Linda had a sore back from standing all day so she left me to taste and walk back to the gallery.
I stopped at HV Cellars and tasted the Rose' of  and met Kathleen and Kiana. I like the Rose' enough to buy a bottle!
I stopped and spoke with John and Bonnie Bradley about the new AVA that takes in Elkton and what to expect in the bottle this year. Look for an outstanding Pinot Noir from Bradley Vineyards for 2011.
I stopped buy for a visit with Dave Masciorini, owner and winemaker at Namaste' Vineyards and said "surprise me." He did, with a Sarah that was just too good to pass up.
"The 2008 Legacy Syrah perfectly rounds out our trifecta of big reds.  This luscious full-bodied Syrah is my wife, Casi's, choice which is bottle to honor our future legacy here at Namaste Vineyards.  Barrel aged for 3 years and then bottle aged for an additional year and a half this wine was released for the very first time at Thanksgiving of 2012.  Only 96 cases were produced of this very limited high end wine that Casi hopes bring your family together around the dinner table for your next family event."
I could not pass up getting a bottle.So good! 
Next stop, Alexeli.
Formerly  Marquam Hill, planted in '82 by Joe Dobbes, the winery was in pretty sad shape when the new bunch took the reins. It is now one of the most important wineries in the east valley. Great wines. One of my favorites is the
 Muller-Thurgau (2010) Peachy and bright with ample acid to balance a touch of sweetness with fruit forward character, bringing versatility to the varietal for it’s pairing potential. Solid, sturdy, fruit flavors of white peach, pear, nectarine and grapefruit with notes of chamomile. The acids accentuate the fruit flavors and carry them through to the finish. 100 cases, estate grown on 2 acres of southwest facing hillside, estate bottled
I stopped a chatted with more wine folk and was about to leave when I saw Jay Westly of Marks Ridge near Sweethome, Oregon. I was raised not far from where they grow but have yet to venture out their way. I tasted the '10 Gewurztraminer and really fell for it.
The 2010 season was cooler than that of 2009. This gave us the opportunity to produce this dry Gewürztraminer. Flavors of pear, apple and spice but a nice tang on the finish.
I will make a trip up and do some serious tasting soon. 

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