Friday, June 28, 2013

Beer Tasting at Plank Town

As an old man who has picked berries and beans as a kid, who has marched for miles in the hot military sun, and who spent a long summer in the up at 6 down at six equatorial sun of Ponape  I can tell you: GETTING PRECANCEROUS DO-DAHS FROZEN OFF YOUR SKIN IS NO FUN!
So knowing I would have to hand my ear over to Dr. Olsen for a freeze job, I stopped in downtown Springfield (Oregon) for a bit of libation.
I have heard a great deal about Plank Town from the folks st Travel lane County so I stopped there
I was greeted by a friendly and very knowledgeable bar keep, Cecilia,
who offered me a sampler of the lighter brews.
I was taken by her confidence and poise and by her deep knowledge of the beers.
The first taste was the Saaz All Lager: Really pleasant. Soft in the mouth, nice finish, great Summer beer!
Bart's Best Bitter: A smooth feel, caramel notes with a great finish that makes you want more.
ExSB Experimental Special Bitter : Light (very light) sugary caramel with good balance of hops. Loved this one!
That is a far as I got! A biker came in and ask me about the road from the McKenzie Pass to Oakridge and the stories began.
I used to live in Sunriver (1972) and ride my bike to Eugene over the McKenzie Pass. 
Every now and then I would take the road from Cougar Dam Road to Oakridge, then in ti Eugene, If you have not taken this route, even in a car, do it! 
Anyway, if you get the chance, please stop by and partake of the wonderful brews. 
And from what I see and hear the food is first rate!

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