Friday, August 3, 2012

Some New Etchings for SALUD!

I spent the last few days prepping etching plates and today I printed a few. Love how they are turning out. I will make a small edition for the wineries (2), SALUD! (2),and my own collection. If anyone would like one let me know. They will be priced at $125 printed on cotton artist paper,  unframed. The image is 5x7 inches.
 I will print one on wood and that will cancel the plate so it will be the last one. That will be gold leafed and framed much the same as the ones in my show last year at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art



Scott Paul

Scott Paul on wood
I am working on Solena now. I printed one but found a CAT HAIR:( in the transparency AFTER I had exposed the plate.

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