Friday, June 8, 2012

Two Glorious Wines Against Some Very Odd Pairings

Salad for tonight's tasting: A REALLY green salad, finely slices cucumber (quartered), diced zucchini, finely sliced celery, chopped lime (shined) dressed with lemon infused olive oil and champagne vinegar.
Dipping sauces: 5 tsp maple syrup, 2 tsp Amaretto
Republic of Jam's Spicy Apricot jam with Hot sauce
Fig Jam with Fig balsamic
Baked sweet potato, mayo, and ginger paste
Various white cheeses (brie, Cowgirl white cheddar, and an Italian goat), slow cooked roast beef thinly sliced then grilled to crisp, sour dough crackers.
Paired wit two amazing wines, the '08 Jory Hills and the '08 Kiana from WillaKenzie.
The Kiana is rich with cedar, dark complex berry with hints of clove, earth and a subtle smokiness, and it pulled it's weight against all but the salad, while the Jory was light, joyful and bright, after a huge nose full of 777 and 677, and it paired with every cheese, sauce, and salad. Loved them both, but I must say that the Jory was my evening favorite.

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