Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pride of Place

Over the last few years in my travels around the state gathering "One Bottle"  I have noticed that there is a lot of pride on the part of many of the retailers in the areas around the various wine regions of Oregon.
When you go in to many markets, even small ones, in Marion, Yamhill, and other counties you often see "local wines" displayed prominently in the stores.
This is true in Jackson, Douglas, and Josephine  counties as well.
It is NOT true in Lane County.
We have an abundance of local wineries, many that are first quality and are among the top wines in the state. Yet you do not see any displays that show our Pride of Place.
This is odd because some of the breweries get lots of shelf space because they are local, and they are very good. But why beer and not wine?
Is it that the markets must deal with distributors so they are forced to allocate shelf space by how much discount they get?
I am not at all sure what needs to be done but I think it is important to start doing something.
If anyone has any insights please comment.

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