Friday, April 1, 2011

Quiet April Fool's Day

Stretched out of bed around 10:00, wandered up to the studio and prepped a couple of prints for the show in August, then headed down town for a quick lunch at Marche'. The bartender in training, Jordan, poured me a really good French Chardonnay and paired it with a chilled asparagus and chopped egg salad. I went outside to take a shot of the building and found a couple of pianists enjoying the Spring weather. Dean , who is performing with all of our conductor candidates next season and Claire were done with lunch and headed out when I captured them. ( look for Dean next year on our programs),

I took a picture of my favorite chef, Stephanie Pearl Kimmel
working in the back of the house, then one of the lovely outside as I wandered aimlessly around 5th Street Market looking for something to do. Before I left I ask Stephanie if we could have some sort of interesting auction item from her for the event on June 5th. She suggested a lunch for two out in the wonderful patio. So we have a very wonderful auction item for you to bid on and I expect you will be treated very well if you win this one!
I found myself in a room with a bunch of important people who were gathered to see the progress of the new hotel going in at 5th Street market. Got glass of LaVelle Riesling and an inside look at what is going on with the hotel. VERY exciting! Custom rooms, perfect service, and a commitment to a "perfect stay". If I did not live here I would check in when the rooms come available in November!
The auction items I picked up today were 5 hour use of a LTD BUS!!! Tour the local wineries with all your friends, and all their friends!
I picked up a few items for the auction:
Dinner at Red Agave for two, two tickets to a show at the McDonald Theater, Overnight stay and dinner at Three Rivers casino, One years membership in the Jam of the month club from Republic of Jam, and a bunch more. Iwill keep you posted!

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