Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Great Article in OregonWine.com about Carlton

Featured Story

by Jim Gullo

My friend Carol was visiting from Los Angeles, so naturally I drove her down NW Westside Road, the back way from McMinnville to Carlton, and naturally she gasped and cried out, "I want to move here!" We passed amazing grain silos and an enormous, white farmhouse, and the green fields, I told her, turn bright purple in May when the red clover plants mature, before they're harvested for seed. We passed the meat-packing plant, the town's park and ballfield, and when we crossed onto Main Street, Carol gasped again, because Carlton is an utterly picturesque collection of old brick buildings, and they're all full of wineries and tasting rooms.

"I want to live here," she repeated, remembering the traffic and congestion of southern California. It had taken all of thirty seconds for her to be seduced by Carlton's charms. Easy.(more)

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