Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You Have to Try This Cider!

 If the only cider you have had is the stuff you buy from the supermarket you need to tune up your taste buds with a little of the real thing. I have become addicted to the simi-dry cider. It is only about 6% alcohol and has a really refreshing taste and a smooth finish and a great aftertaste of  honey and tart apple.
Wandering Angus Ciderworks will have plenty of cider this year. The pear cider (fermented apple cider plus pear juice) will take away from what we can make of our Bloom and Wanderlust Ciders. Pear cider is different from Perry. Perry is made only from fermented pear (best if from hard to find Perry pears). Pear Cider is a blend of apples and pears
They will produce about 200 cases of Pommeau in late October.Pommeau is a unique apple dessert wine. Select heirloom cider apple varieties were fermented and then distilled. The resulting apple brandy, after aged 5 years in oak, was expertly blended with fresh juice from cider apples that offer diverse character - those with a wealth of tannins and those with plentiful sugars. Pommeau is a delicately sweet, surprisingly smooth, aromatic wine with an incredible brandy essence. Serve chilled or warm and enjoy as an aperitif, a dessert or with a meal.The brandy for it (made from our cider) is currently aging in French cognac barrels. They will add juice from the 2010 harvest (bittersweet apples and Wickson crab).

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