Friday, July 17, 2009

Elkton Just for Fun...and Wine

Today I returned a few pieces to an artist in Roseburg and I meant to make it a fast trip, then I saw the Elkton sign.
Last auction I never made it to Elkton and therefore, never ask for One Bottle from any of the wonderful wineries hidden half way to the coast. I got there just before eleven and stopped by the local deli/restaurant Tomaselli's Pastry Mill and Cafe. I ordered a sandwich and was very pleased and surprised to find that they had NO COKE or PEPSI products, only VERY good natural sodas, and of course, wine. I enjoyed a visit with the owner, Marty, and after I finished my meal I crossed the street to Brandborg Winery where I was treated to a full tasting of their many wines. All were very drinkable but the 07 Riesling , the 07 Gewürztraminer were out of this world! Both got 90+ in Wine Enthusiast. Sue was a very gracious host and promised "One Bottle" for the project. It was in the 90's so I will wait to pick up their offering until I have my cooler in the car.
While I was tasting a couple of women walked in and said that they were working on a "special project" that sounded very intriguing. I told them they were more than welcome to us
e my blog and it's many meager entries in any way they felt appropriate. I met Sherry and her friend (taster) again at the next stop, River's Edge Winery.
Michael Landt offered me tastes of the current vintages and I was more that a little impressed by both the wine AND the pr
ices! I think the 07 Barrel Select Pinot Noir was my favorite. Though "thinner" than the 06 or 05, it had a very front of the mouth pepper, Bing cherry, and annis that finished with soft fruit and a very nice mouth feel. All the wines were good but I was blown away by the Dulcet Cuvee'. This one you have to come and taste. "The 2006 Dulcet Cuvee' has a delightful tobacco scent in the bouquet, candied cherry flavor, and surprisingly smooth finish for a wine with 16.4% alcohol." to Quote from their web page.
He also promised a bottle, the 2007 Barrel Select Pinot Noir.
I was running late so I missed a stop at Bradley Vineyards but will see them next time.
I had to get to Henry Estate and drop of art so I took 138 toward Sutherlin. Nice drive on a summer's day! At Henry Estate I met a nice young couple and their dog, who was determined to get inside to visit the local boss(pictured here).
The Wine was great, as usual, and I did a quick taste of the Pinot Gris, peachy and aromatic, and the 06 Pinot Noir,lots of sweet fruit and ripe black cherry with a hint of mint and earth Both are worth a second taste and I will be back to walk through the wonderfully inviting front door. They promised another bottle for the auction on April 9th.

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